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We ask so much of ourselves today! Women and men both have challenging, demanding jobs that require huge commitments of time and energy.

We have families that require time, attention, and nurturing, children who require our loving presence, attention and guidance.  We have homes that need care and maintenance.  Fueling all these demands on our energy with fast food, convenience foods, and take-out doesn’t work.

We need real food, honest food, full of vitamins and minerals, and so do our families. I invite you to come back to the table, to savor the difference real food can make in your energy level and your sense of well-being. I invite you to learn simple food preparation with fresh ingredients, seasonal eating that anchors us, that lets us live in harmony with the rhythms of the Earth.

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Captivating Reads for Cold Snowy Days

Curling up on the couch in front of the fireplace on a winter’s day is one of the most delicious of pastimes.  Here are some suggestions for books to find at your library or favorite bookstore that will engage all your senses: Mistress of Spices by Chitra Divakaruni.  A literary look at the spices that enhance Indian cuisine, told in a whimsical style.  Very entertaining! Fried Green Tomatoes at the … Continue reading

What is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

All of us benefit from an anti-inflammatory diet, but those with chronic inflammation caused by certain foods and ongoing stress benefit immediately and dramatically.  Here is a place to start: Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.  Focus on adding vibrant color to meals and snacks.  Bright orange carrots and sweet potatoes; green leafy vegetables like arugula and watercress, lettuces, spinach, kale, broccoli; red and blue and black berries; orange and … Continue reading

Warming Ginger-Turmeric Hot Vanilla

I first saw this recipe on Dr. Mark Hyman’s website, www.drhyman.com.  But I revised it to make it simpler.  It called for grated ginger and turmeric, which I think is unnecessary, and ground cinnamon and pepper, which can be a bit gritty.  His recipe calls for almond milk, which is fine, but coconut milk is also delicious and more filling if you are looking for a snack drink.  I also … Continue reading

Portable Lunches

For kids who are back in school or parents who want a healthier and less expensive lunch, try some of the following suggestions.  First, while there is nothing wrong with the good old brown bag, it doesn’t keep things from getting smashed, doesn’t keep hot things hot or cold things cold, and doesn’t have compartments that force you to be more creative.  Recently I picked up a Rubbermaid lunch helper that is … Continue reading