Best Buys this Week

Each Week I post the best buys from the newspaper ads.  Not looking for laundry detergent, canned goods unless organic, toilet paper, etc.  Just real food, organic produce, higher quality meats (grass-fed, pastured, antibiotic-free).  Basically, who has what at what price, and I hope it’s helpful to you in meal-planning and shopping. 

Don’t miss the Indoor Market at Opera Galleria in Old Town!  Open Saturdays  March 11 and 25, and April 8.  Produce from local farms and artisan cheeses, and much more!

Week of March 1, 2017

King Soopers

wild sockeye 9.99 lb

asparagus 1.48 lb

wild snow crab clusters 8.99 lb

Imagine Brand broth, organic $2 each

org kale .99 bunch

org broccoli 1.99 bunch

org Brussels sprouts  3.99 pkg, ` lb

Simple truth bnls chicken breasts, not org 5.99 lb

Simple Truth shrimp, raw or cooked, 10.99 bag 1 lb



asparagus .98 lb

org beets .98 bunch

org broccoli .98 lb

org blueberries .98 each

org yellow mangos .90 each

org kale varieties .88 each

fresh wild cod 7.99 lb

fresh wild rockfish 5.99 lb

grass fed lamb shoulder chops 5.99 lb

grass-fed ground beef, not org so might have GMO alfalfa in feed 4.99 lb


Safeway, no longer Albertsons

Red Bird Farms ground chicken BOGO

26-30 raw shrimp 5.99 lb

org Fuji apples 1.99 lb


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