Best Buys this Week

Each Week I post the best buys from the newspaper ads.  Not looking for laundry detergent, canned goods unless organic, toilet paper, etc.  Just real food, organic produce, higher quality meats (grass-fed, pastured, antibiotic-free).  Basically, who has what at what price, and I hope it’s helpful to you in meal-planning and shopping.  And don’t forget our local farmers’ markets! Drake Road Open Now Saturdays 10 am-1 pm Larimer County Old … Continue reading

“Every Meal is a Choice”

Our love affair with convenience and speed led us to processed foods, which many of us rely on to the point that we no longer cook at home.  Or if we do cook, we no longer cook from scratch, depending on boxed and canned and frozen foods for our meals.  The problem is that most processed and commercially produced foods are loaded with sugars and refined salt, preservatives and additives … Continue reading

2013 Farmers’ Markets Are Here!

The 2013 Farmers’ Markets are up and running, not a moment too soon!  The very freshest produce, usually harvested the day before or day of the market, meaning that nutrient content is highest.  When produce is harvested for distant markets, to be shipped 1000 miles or even more, it is usually harvested before it is fully ripe.  It travels better and has longer shelf life, but we’ve learned that nutrients … Continue reading

Eating and Shopping Seasonally

How do we know what is “in season” when we are shopping?  We can buy cantaloupe anytime of the year we feel like it.  How can there be “personal” watermelons in December?  Cherries in January?  Asparagus, a spring crop, is available year round now.  How do we know what to buy, if we want to eat seasonally? A good way to tell about seasonality at the grocery store is to … Continue reading