Christmas Beef Tenderloin

“Beef….it’s what’s for dinner.”  A very successful ad campaign for the beef industry which, happily for them, coincided with the wild popularity of the Adkins diet.  The Adkins diet lead to spectacular weight loss in many people, and gave rise to modifications found in the equally successful South Beach diet.  But is beef really a healthy choice?  The answer is, yes and no. Traditionally raised beef, or grass-fed beef, is … Continue reading

Coloradoan Braising

Braising is a cooking technique that is underused, and well-suited to winter menus.  To braise means to cook with moist heat at a low temperature, the pan covered with a lid.  Either at a low simmer on the stovetop or long and slow in the oven, this technique produces meat that is richly flavorful and absolutely fork-tender.  Grandma’s pot roast, beef or chicken stew, or spicy pork green chile are … Continue reading