Welcome to Come Back to the Table

We ask so much of ourselves today! Women and men both have challenging, demanding jobs that require huge commitments of time and energy.

We have families that require time, attention, and nurturing, children who require our loving presence, attention and guidance. We have homes that need care and maintenance. Fueling all these demands on our energy with fast food, convenience foods, and take-out doesn't work.

We need real food, honest food, full of vitamins and minerals, and so do our families. I invite you to come back to the table, to savor the difference real food can make in your energy level and your sense of well-being. I invite you to learn simple food preparation with fresh ingredients, seasonal eating that anchors us, that lets us live in harmony with the rhythms of the Earth.


What you eat matters.  Linda shares her depth and breadth of knowledge and resources about nutrition, food preparation, being in balance, eating locally, living wholly – and more – with humor, fascination, expertise and care. 

Peggy Short, Ph.D., D.Min.

I was a student in Linda’s class on Rebuilding your Gut. She made a difficult topic fun and easy to understand. Her years of cooking experience, inclusive approach, and sense of humor, put everyone at ease. Linda is quick to pick up on people’s needs, and shapes the class to meet those needs. I love the recipes we received, they are nutritious, easy to prepare and colorful! I have used them many times since I finished the class. They all seem to turn out well!

Linda is very generous with her time and willingness to answer questions in and outside of class. Her demeanor is warm and welcoming. By the end of class we all had some new friends and new tools to improve our health.

Linda Anson

Linda Hoffman gives my patients the tools to adhere to the therapeutic diets that I prescribe. You will leave her cooking classes with a packet of tasty, healthful recipes.

Joan Waters, ND  Practical Health Solutions

Wonderful way to learn first-hand how to heal yourself through clean eating and cooking! I loved the classes- they were great!!

Dr. Karen MD

Linda facilitates an immense learning experience in easy to understand language, and teaches cooking skills accessible to absolutely everyone. I learned new habits that I was able to easily and immediately implement, and still continue to this day. Her knowledge and experience in gut health, nutrient dense meals, and easy kitchen & cooking methods far surpassed my expectations. The class was super fun and informative. For anyone who is interested in optimal health, I HIGHLY recommend Rebuild Your Gut!


Anneliese A.

“I began Linda’s Rebuild Your Gut class shortly before starting chemotherapy treatment. The wealth of information and recipes Linda shared with the class was invaluable to taking the best care of myself that I could during chemo and keeping myself cancer-free after treatment.”

Leslie Harms

"Linda is such a tremendous resource when it comes to dietary and nutritional information. She understands the obstacles to eating a healthy diet and offers practical solutions to all of her clients. If you are interested in changing your relationship with food, I highly recommend you contact Linda Hoffman." 

Scott Allen

Linda’s Gluten-Free Bread

March 7, 2018

Linda’s Gluten-Free Bread   This bread is probably best as a tea bread for breakfast or a snack rather than sandwiches.  Gluten-free but not full of a bunch of empty ingredients, it does lack the structure of a gluten bread.  Instead, the eggs make it slightly spongy.  It would work well with egg salad or…

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“Every Meal is a Choice”

January 1, 2018

It’s true.  Every meal is definitely a choice.  Wise advice printed on the back of t-shirts worn by staff at our local Sprouts grocery store.  We need Real Food!  For years we’ve received the now out of favor pronouncement that it’s all calories in/calories out.  The truth is that what constitutes those calories is of…

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

December 25, 2017

The most beautiful holiday tree!  At the intersection of Lemay and Elizabeth, in front of a nursing home.  They decorate this tree every year!  Thank you for doing this–can’t imagine how many hours it takes!   Thank

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